CORONAVIRUS – COVID 19. Information of interest.

Given the declaration of the State of Alarm throughout Spain due to a health emergency (RD 463/2020) we announce that:

  1. People must only leave their accommodation premises (always unaccompanied) for the following reasons:

  • Acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities
  • For the purpose of attending health centres and facilities
  • For urgent visits to banks and insurance companies
  • Due to force majeure or emergency reasons
  1. All commercial, restaurant and leisure establishments (including museums, monuments, shows, sports activities, leisure parks, discotheques, cinemas, etc.) will be closed. The only businesses that will remain open will be chemists, those that sell food, drinks, hygiene products and basic necessities, sellers of medical, optical and orthopedic products, hairdressers, press and stationery shops, automotive fuel sellers, tobacconists, technological and telecommunications equipment, pet food, dry cleaners and laundries, as well as online, telephone and postal-based companies.
  2. Food supply is guaranteed.
  3. The police may carry out the necessary checks to prevent any suspended services and activities from being carried out.
  4. Inside accommodation establishments, the recommendations of the health authorities must be followed:
  • Maintain a distance greater than one metre from anyone else
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Use the inside of the arm to cover the face in case of cough or sneeze
  1.  In an emergency, call 112.
  2. For specific information on return flights, contact your airline or travel agency as soon as possible. For future travel to our island, we recommend that you also consult the information from the consulates of your country of origin, which will have up-to-date information from the Spanish health authorities.
  3. The Spanish Government reserves the decision to extend the set time period once this has elapsed.

Coronavirus specialized medical attention telephone line: +34 900 11 20 61

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